Broadcast teleprompters

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 High quality:

    Reflecting screen: professional LCD screen.

    Imported super slim medium optical glass.

    Range of visibility: more than 3 meters.

    Bright image, high resolution: 1024*768pixels.

    Wide viewing angle: level 140 , vertical 130.

    The image is still very clear in a quite bright studio environment.

    High-contract video circuit design, can reach 150:1.

    19/22 inch LCD screen for your choice.

  High  performance:

    Indenpendent hand operated bracket to hold the teleprompter. The teleprompter is separated with the camera bracket, and it is much easier to move, adjust, disassemble, carry and operated.

    Unique function of hand operated to go up and down: crank device and thread are alll die cast aluminum frame.

    Software compatible with Windows7,2000 and XP, application conventient, flexible operation.

    Professional display can use AV input directly . The camera and computer can be mixed use.

    All models of this series can add the function of image self-test.